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The Idaho Utility Coordination Council and its members are taking a proactive approach to damage prevention of facilities. The primary purpose in collecting underground facility damage data is to analyze date, to learn why events occur and how actions by industry can prevent them in the future; thereby, ensuring the safety and protection of people and the infrastructure. Data collection for Idaho will allow identification of root causes, perform trend analysis and help educate all stakeholders so that damages can be reduced through effective practices and procedures.


Our goal is to reduce facility damages which threaten the public’s safety and create expensive repair costs each year. To better understand where, how and why these damages are occurring, we need accurate and comprehensive data from all stakeholders. The data will be analyzed and our findings will be issued via Monthly and Annual Summary Reports. The data will NOT be used for enforcement purposes or to try and determine damage liability. The individual identities of parties involved with records submitted will be kept confidential.


In order to fully understand the complex issues surrounding facility damages on a local level, collecting damaged facility data from Idaho facility owners is essential. By submitting your damage incidents below, Idaho will be able to evaluate and determine the best path to reach our goal: Public Safety and Reduction of costly Damages.

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