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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the Idaho UCC?

A: The purpose of this statewide organization of utilities, governmental agencies, contractors, excavators, and other interested organizations and individuals is to cooperate to reduce damages to underground as well as above ground facilities; thereby promoting safety and protecting the public interest.


Q: What does the local Utility Coordinating Committee do?

A: Through, communication, coordination and cooperation the local UCC works to achieve the orderly planning and installation of underground facilities during right of way improvements and private developments. Local UCC’s promote damage prevention and safe excavation practices.


Q: Who should attend Utility Coordinating Council Meetings?

A: Representatives from utilities, governmental agencies, contractors, excavators and support companies.


Q. What is the advantage to joining a UCC?

as a utility company-

A: The ability to gather information regarding the planned road or other utility projects which may impact your facilities. By communicating and coordinating with the members, unplanned expenses by your company and reduction of damages to your facilities are prevented.

as a contractor/excavator-

A: The ability to discuss issues that may reduce your construction project expenses i.e., marking issues, utility adjustments , etc. and assist you in the completion of your project.

as an engineer-

A: The ability to obtain the necessary information, i.e., utility contacts, and pre-engineering requirements for the design of your project. This information is a vital part of reducing damages and preventing unplanned expenditures by your clients and the utility companies.


Q: What happens when you call before you dig?

A: You call 811. Idaho 811 notifies member utility facility owners of your planned excavation.  These owners or their 3rd party locating company will mark their lines with the recommended A.P.W.A. color representing their facility.  Once all known facilities are marked, dig safely so utility facilities are protected.

Q: What happens if you don't call?

A: Not calling 811 before you dig increases the chances of (1) disrupting service, (2) cause property damage, (3) injuries, (4) and project delays. You may be liable to pay for any damage or disruption, or you may be subject to a fine, under the statutes of the Damage Prevention Board.

Q: Is there really a law about this?

A: Yes, Idaho's Underground Facilities Damage Prevention laws can be found in Title 55, Chapter 22 of the Idaho Code. You can read the law on the State of Idaho website or in this PDF version.

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