Working Together for Better Communications between Utilities & Resources

This statewide organization of utilities, governmental agencies, contractors, excavators, and other interested organizations and individuals is to cooperate to reduce damages to underground as well as above ground facilities; thereby promoting safety and protecting the public interest.

Local Councils



Through, communication, coordination and cooperation local UCC's work to achieve the orderly planning and installation of underground facilities during right of way improvements and private developments. Local UCC’s promote damage prevention and safe excavation practices.​

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The IDUCC Spring Meeting dates have been CANCELLED!  Click Image below for further information.



For information on the 2018 Joint States Meeting........Click HERE

Find out more about what Digline and State UCC's are doing to promote "Positive Response" and also the changing of "Business Day."

Damage Prevention is a Shared Responsibility

Click here to learn more about the Damage Prevention Board

Click here to learn more about the Damage Prevention Board

Dig Line Advisory Meeting Presentations